Qlick supports Tunda, a Thai gibbon-monkey - Qlick

Qlick supports Tunda, a Thai gibbon-monkey

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Qlick supports Tunda, a Thai gibbon-monkey

At Qlick we find it important to contribute to the world we live in. One way of doing this, is by adopting a gibbon-monkey every year during our retreat to Thailand. Meet Tunda, the monkey we were able to give a better life on our trip this year.


Qlick adopteerde Tunda, het gibbon-aapje

The destiny of gibbons in Phuket

Gibbon-monkeys are incredibly cute, as nobody will deny.  Unfortunately, this makes them the ideal prey for poachers. They steal the monkeys away from their mother only to use them as an attraction for tourists. For a nickle and a dime they will take your picture while holding this cute little animal. Not many tourists resist this appealing offer. However, little do they know that these adorable monkeys are totally terrified and traumatized. These aren’t cuddly, stuffed animals but real life creatures deprived from their mother’s milk, warmth and care!

Tunda’s story

When Tunda entered the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, he was only six months old. His mother had probably been shot, allowing her killer to sell Tunda as a pet. His new owners soon found out that taking care of such an animal, no matter how small or cute, is a whole lot of work. So they dumped him at the Gibbon Rehabilitation Centre. Tunda was terrified and needed a long time to recover. But now, a couple of years later, he no longer shows any signs of stress. Hopes are that he will be released into the jungle again some day soon.