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What's your question?

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What's your question?

Over the years, several people have asked me what made me change from being a lawyer to being a coach. There is an elaborate answer and a simpler one which is: ‘I came to the conclusion that I prefer asking questions over giving answers’.

One of the key competences as a coach is to be able to ask powerful questions. A powerful question triggers your deeper knowledge. It is the question that you can only ask after you have truly listened to what the other person wants to say. You may find some tips for asking powerful questions in our upcoming book: ‘Be your own leader’.

Over the years I have tried (and still try) to perfect the art of asking powerful questions, including questions for myself.

And so the other day, during my (almost) daily summer swim, I had a small revelation.

It dawned on me that something was not quite right. As a coach I am asking powerful questions. When I write I reflect but where is the question?

And so here’s my challenge to you: What is the powerful question I should be asking you today? The question that you know needs to be asked at this particular moment and may be afraid to ask? What is the deeper question?

As for my own powerful question for today: How to adjust my speed to the speed of others I love while not compromising who I am?

I will have another swim on that one…