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For anyone who wants to explore even deeper after completing our ‘Insights Discovery’ training course. In this workshop, we examine the typologies and archetypes that influence your behaviour and attitude. You’ll find it handy if you already have an Insights Discovery profile, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

As an extension to the four colours of Insights Discovery, Deeper Discovery works with ‘archetypes’ such as Innovator, Guide, Entertainer or Architect. They are ideas developed from our ancestors, merged with the contributions everyone makes from their own self.

At different times in your life, there are different archetypes applicable to you. As soon as you understand which ones they are, you can move on. By identifying your current archetypes, you find ways to work on personal development and, more extensively, steer your team to grow and become stronger.

Something for you?

Would you like to have more insight into what is happening with yourself? To develop further as a manager, or as the leader of organisational change? Deeper Discovery gives you vital insight and a grasp on your own ideas, along with those of the people around you.

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Something for your team?

As a manager, you want to support your team members as they grow into their roles. Insights Deeper Discovery offers a profound level of self-understanding that helps people to maximise their potential.

We run the ‘Insights Deeper Discovery’ training workshop at the Qlick Block or in-company.

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At a young age, I received an ‘Insights Discovery’ profile as a gift. Ever since, it’s helped me enormously—to better understand myself and better anticipate reactions and situations in my private and work environments.

With the ‘Deeper Discovery’ profile, I’ve had even more insight into myself. It’s a perfect supplement to the foundation established in the first profile. Now I understand myself on a deeper level, I’m more efficient in my communication with others. I’m better able to place and relativize situations that used to leave me stressed. For me, this was a real eye-opener.

Yana Smits
Product Manager at L’Oréal Belgilux

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How can you better support your employees? Learn a new approach or hold your leadership style up to the light.

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