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Qlick offers you the support to keep growing as a coach, manager or head of a company: with sincere advice that’s free of judgement. Ask a specific question or turn to us for coaching supervision.

‘Am I heading in the right direction?’ It’s a question frequently asked by anyone who’s responsible for a business or other people. Getting a genuine, useful answer to the question is a completely different matter. So ask us. The feedback from an experienced supervisor makes a world of difference.

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As a leader

Honest, supported by theory, targeted and personal: you have our advice for all kinds of challenges:

  • making better performance appraisals;
  • conflict resolution;
  • recruiting or dismissing employees;
  • major changes, such as reorganisations;
  • plenty of other instances …

As a coach

We are glad to act as sounding boards and advisors to our colleagues in the world of coaching. Supervision is now an essential part of a professional coaching practice, whether you need input for a specific situation, such as an ethical question, or as part of an accreditation (everything from ACC to PCC and on to MCC). As certified supervisors, we follow the guidelines of the International Coach Federation.


We respond every request for advice, coaching, supervision or consultancy on a case-by-case basis. This allows us to work with you to find a suitable approach to your question or issue.

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Do you have five minutes? Time for a Qlick moment. A stiff espresso for the mind!

1-on-1 coaching

How can you better support your employees? Learn a new approach or hold your leadership style up to the light.

Being a leader

How can you better support your employees? Learn a new approach or hold your leadership style up to the light.

Finding balance

No one smiles their way through every day. But if you feel good about yourself, you can come pretty close.

Stimulate my team

You build a strong team with good employees. Go to work with them and let everyone shine.

Unique advice

In need of honest feedback and advice that’s free from judgement? Rely on our expertise.

A gift

Happiness is waiting around the corner … You just haven’t found the corner yet.

Keep growing

Looking for more? Let yourself be inspired.