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Breakthrough coaching

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Is there a heavy, pressing issue that has you searching for answers? Book a personal business coaching session with not one, but two business coaches. The most intensive approach with the most ground-breaking results.

As a company leader, you sometimes find yourself up against a specific, strategic business question. Deciding about an acquisition, taking a step forward in your career, or helping your company turn a major corner. In just a single, in-depth session, two experienced business coaches from Qlick focus on the issue you’re facing. The emphasis lies on a balanced decision-making process, in line with your company’s goals and your personal values.

All Qlick business coaches follow the ethical code of the International Coach Federation.

Something for you?

Duo-coaching is meant for company leaders with busy agendas and pressing issues.


Location: In our training rooms at the Qlick Block. Would you prefer online coaching? Just let us know!

Duration: Three hours, consisting of two hours of personalised business coaching with enough time to take everything in and ask questions.

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These participants have already realised fantastic results

“Qlick has helped me to find balance in my professional activities. During a period when I was taking on a new role that presented challenges for me, they held a mirror out in front of me, offered a listening ear and asked me critical questions that forced me onto a path to self-realisation. As a result of this, I’ve rediscovered my self-confidence. I pursue my professional ambitions in a way that connects with my strengths and interests, giving me a much more satisfied feeling.”
Partner at a global professional service provider

A quick boost

Do you have five minutes? Time for a Qlick moment. A stiff espresso for the mind!

1-on-1 coaching

How can you better support your employees? Learn a new approach or hold your leadership style up to the light.

Being a leader

How can you better support your employees? Learn a new approach or hold your leadership style up to the light.

Finding balance

No one smiles their way through every day. But if you feel good about yourself, you can come pretty close.

Stimulate my team

You build a strong team with good employees. Go to work with them and let everyone shine.

Unique advice

In need of honest feedback and advice that’s free from judgement? Rely on our expertise.

A gift

Happiness is waiting around the corner … You just haven’t found the corner yet.

Keep growing

Looking for more? Let yourself be inspired.