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You're a manager, supervisor, the head of the company, or, in short, a leader. This is why people turn to you for answers and solutions when they find themselves in difficult or unexpected situations. Qlick developed a theory of three-dimensional leadership to handle these moments.

3D Leadership is leadership that stems from your own strengths. When you, as a leader, know your qualities, act with honesty, approach people sincerely and make the most of everything they have to offer, you’ll see that you’re able to respond flexibly. And because you’ve stayed true to yourself, you’ll find energy to tackle every new day in your leadership.

The 3D-leader pocket

Would you prefer to read a bit more on 3D-Leadership? Then order our pocket ‘The 3D-leader‘ and get yourself acquainted with the dimensions of a future-proof leader.

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3D-Leadership Profile

Dying to find out how much of this 3D-Leadership you already apply? Our online screening will reveal your current 3D-leadership profile.

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3D-Leadership Basic

Want to learn more? Then we gladly present you our 3D-Leadership basic training. During 5 sessions of 2 hours, we’ll explore the different 3D-Leadership domains which will enable you to refine your 3D-Leadership strategy.

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3D-Leadership Master

Are you already an experienced 3D-Leader? Then our 3D-Leadership master training might just be what you’re looking for!

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The 3D-Leadership training can be followed individually.

We also give this training incompany or for organisations with members who know each other. We will happily work out a training for you, tailored to your team or your company.

Location: at Qlick or in-company

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This series of leadership training courses qualifies for subsidies under the kmo-portefeuille (SME portfolio).

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A quick boost

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1-on-1 coaching

How can you better support your employees? Learn a new approach or hold your leadership style up to the light.

Being a leader

How can you better support your employees? Learn a new approach or hold your leadership style up to the light.

Finding balance

No one smiles their way through every day. But if you feel good about yourself, you can come pretty close.

Stimulate my team

You build a strong team with good employees. Go to work with them and let everyone shine.

Unique advice

In need of honest feedback and advice that’s free from judgement? Rely on our expertise.

A gift

Happiness is waiting around the corner … You just haven’t found the corner yet.

Keep growing

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