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Qlick's Wonderland

Last week we celebrated Qlick(coaching)’s 10 year anniversary. We named the event ‘Wonderland’. We used ‘wonder’ in the sense of ‘the emotion excited by what is strange and surprising; a feeling of surprised or puzzled interest’. As such, at the event, we had surprising workshops, used storytelling, met fairytale figures, brought lightness in the dark, heard Alice in Wonderland music, tasted wondrous food.

Since the start of our company we trust the power of wondering.

When you wonder, you look at things with a fresh open mind without prejudice. When you wonder you are curious to know, to learn new things. Like an innocent child who asks questions without a hidden agenda. Wondering is a basic belief of Qlick and equally an essential coaching skill.

We live in a world in which wondering often gets lost in the clutter of the day. As such the magic of life surpasses us. So here is a plea to bring more wondering in your life and to give you some tips to get started:

  • Observe how a child asks questions and bring back some of this innocence in your questioning skills
  • Read or listen to stories, more often. When is the last time that you were sitting around a table with your team or in a family setting and shared stories?
  • Use working methods that integrate metaphors such as labyrinthwalking or the Lego© Serious Play© method.
  • When you talk to someone at your next networking event, wonder who this person is, not what he/she does. It will be a more fulfilling conversation. It helps if you focus on their first (not last) name on their name tag and if you ignore their title and company name.
  • And very importantly: keep on wondering who you really are and what really matters to you.

Together with our team, clients and business partners, we have had 10 wonderful Qlick years. For the future, there is plenty more to come. Keep on following us. Qlick’s Wonderland has entered the next phase…