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‘Qlick’ to generation Z

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‘Qlick’ to generation Z

‘Sharing’ has been a basic value for Qlick since we started the company 10 years ago. We aim for impact when we see an opportunity. For many years we have supported VZW ‘Altijd Vrouw” (to support women during and after cancer), Malaika for Life (for prevention of Malaria), the Gibbon rehabilitation project in Thailand, and several educational initiatives.

Recently, we sponsored three highly motivated young men for a project in Ghana where they were part of an initiative to build healthy villages. Very specifically, they actually built toilets. Healthy toilets for healthy villages.

This seemed like a very worthwhile initiative particularly since it also meant that we were supporting the next generation.

We are slowly and steadily becoming more experienced and mature women. We get at an age where we want to share even more than we did before. Share our knowledge, share our expertise, share some of our profits for good causes. We value the efforts of generation Z to really do something concretely to make the world a better place. They have to. It is obvious that we can no longer find individual solutions for the complex problems we are faced with today. We explain this with our ‘networking together’ concept in our new book ‘Be Your Own Leader’.

So it felt really good to support this project.

Thank you, you great, young men. We ‘Qlick’ to generation Z and look forward to sharing more with this generation in the years to come.