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Personal coaching


Your problem addressed with a tailored response. Personal coaching is the most intensive and productive manner of working on yourself. You quickly acquire insights and turn your goals into decisive actions. As accomplished personal coaches, we are your reliable ally for achieving lasting results.

Engaging Leadership Retreat

Awareness Journey

Only when you are well rooted, with the resilience to recharge yourself over and over again, can you develop your full potential as a leader. Those who remain true to themselves will find the energy to tackle each new day with impact. That is why Qlick organizes this unique seminar in Thailand where you will develop your personal leadership so that you can better stand your ground in this VUCA era.*



Are you facing difficult choices in your life? Are you in need of change? Are you looking for peace or just clarification of certain emotions? Equicoaching will guide you to new insights.



In the first instance, you wouldn’t link ‘playing’ to a business meeting, except perhaps as warming-up for a thinktank session. Nevertheless, Lego© is increasingly present in a professional context. Discover how Lego© Serious Play© leads to more creative thinking with surprising results.

Insights Discovery©

Training, Workshop

Do you ever want to look inside your colleagues’ heads to see what’s going on in there? Or wonder why they react the way they do? What are their strengths? And what are their weaknesses? It can take a lifetime to truly understand someone. With Insights Discovery, you’ll have all these insights after just one course. And you’ll learn a lot about yourself at the same time.


Book, Training

You're a manager, supervisor, the head of the company, or, in short, a leader. This is why people turn to you for answers and solutions when they find themselves in difficult or unexpected situations. Qlick developed a theory of three-dimensional leadership to handle these moments.

Dealing with conflict in the workplace


A difference of opinion between staff members while at work? No problem. As long as discussion is possible, conflicts can be very productive ... but you need to know how to unravel the knots. This training course teaches you to pinpoint exactly what has gone wrong in the event of a conflict, how it occurred and how you can find a positive solution.

Finding your path in the labyrinth

Training, Workshop

Labyrinths have captured human imagination for centuries. Look at the beautiful patterns on pottery, tablets and tiles from cultures across the world. What is it in the twists and turns of a labyrinth that attracts us? According to Qlick, it’s the search for yourself.

Farewell, grief and loss

Coaching, Training, Workshop

Our society is primarily oriented towards success, targets, hard labor, never giving up, achieving something in life. Saying goodbye to, feeling sad about, grieving over, etc. are situations we’d rather not think of or we’re not sure of how to deal with them.

Giving feedback


An atmosphere of open communication ensures a productive work environment. But how do you communicate openly when you have a difficult message? Qlick introduces you to a feedback system where communication openly travels back and forth.

Time management

Training, Workshop

Do you regularly wonder where the day has gone already? Are you always too busy, and yet feel like you're not getting anything done? No, the clock is not ticking faster for you than for the rest of the world. You just have to deal with time eaters. With this practical training you will become the master of time.


Training, Workshop

You need a little bit of stress to deal with every now and again: it helps you to meet deadlines and react quickly in a crisis. But most people aren’t made for constant stress. It leads to exhaustion, headaches or back pain, overexertion and burn-out. A dead-end street you absolutely must avoid.