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Love our team

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Love our team

Thursday morning. I enter the office in a happy mood: another fun workday lies ahead. This morning I’m seeing a coachee and this afternoon I get to give my favourite training: ‘From working hard to working smart’.

Two friendly faces send me a welcoming smile. I feel so lucky … what a joy it is to work with motivated and enthusiastic people.

Nele’s outfit of the day represents the Qlick colours (orange and dark grey). I can’t resist the urge to take a picture. Nele strikes a pose and again, there’s laughter to be heard!

What is it that makes our employees such happy, enthusiastic workers? Who else can answer this question better than them. The answers follow quickly and spontaneously:

  • This is not just a job, it’s totally in line with who we are and how we face life (do I recognize ‘Be your own leader’?)
  • Our crazy ideas are welcomed (this being said: they have many crazy ideas 🙂 )
  • The environment is nourishing, it’s like home: the house, the beautiful garden, the peace and quiet, …
  • We have a wide variety in tasks and are free to organize our work ourselves
  • Our private life is taken into account, to the extent possible
  • We have inspiring, creative, enthusiastic examples… (oooh, they mean us!)

Wow, I feel myself growing an inch…

Of course Qlick is still a company, we need to perform and believe me: we dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Nevertheless, I’m absolutely convinced that teams who feel appreciated and stimulated, perform better than teams who are afraid to make mistakes. Recognizable? How happy or scared is your team?