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Insights Discovery© - Workshop

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Insights Discovery© - Workshop

During an Insights Discovery© half day workshop you learn the basics of this four colour model and experience the power of colourful communication through several interactive exercises.

What you’ll discover:

  • How people prefer to communicate
  • Your personal style and possible obstacles
  • How your behavior may be different on a ‘good’ vs. a ‘bad’ day
  • Strategies for interactions with opposite types

The workshop can also be attended without a personal Discovery© profile.

Something for you or your team?

You don’t have a personal Discovery© profile yet but you’re anxious to find out more about this renowned colour model that allows you to communicate better with people in your environment.

You do have a Discovery© profile and are looking for more information regarding the preferences and patterns.

A long time ago, you followed a training on Insights Discovery© and would like to refresh your knowledge.

For companies and organisations who want to submerge their teams in a crash course, or who want to refresh their knowledge on Insights Discovery©, we offer tailormade workshops.


The Insights Discovery© workshop takes up half a day.

contact us for a customized training solution that addresses your business needs and goals.

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More Insights Discovery?

Do you wish to discover more about this model and your own preferences on an individual base? Then the Insights Discovery Profile Review is what you’re looking for. With your ownInsights Discovery© profile, you have a powerful instrument for developing yourself, both personally and professionally.

Do you, as a team, wish to discover how Insights Discovery© leads to more powerful communication, connection and effective collaboration, then we gladly organise an Insights Discovery Training for your company or organisation.

Our models can be combined to create a solution for your team or organization to solve a vast range of business problems, including managing change, creating a diverse and inclusive culture, and building successful customer service and sales teams. And these are just a few examples. The application possibilities are endless.