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General Conditions

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General Conditions

1. Applicability

These general conditions are applicable to all agreements concerning the delivery of goods and services by Qlick; as well as all orders and purchases made online This website belongs to Qlick BVBA, registered in 2950 Kapellen, Kasteeldreef 38, KBO nr BE 0889.400.819

Qlick reserves the right to change these conditions when and where necessary. In respect of these conditions, any conditions imposed by the client, wherever drafted or officially lodged, are not applicable to Qlick, unless specifically accepted by Qlick in writing at the closing of the contract.

The protection and privacy of personal details are applied through our Privacy Policy, publicized and available on The use of the website is subject to our Disclaimer, also publicized and available on

Delivery of services (coaching, training, workshops and assignments)

2. Realisation of a contract

The client guarantees to provide us with the information essential for the establishment and performance of the assignment.

An oral assignment will be confirmed by us in writing. By enrolling in an open training programme, the client/participant confirms acceptance of these specifications and conditions.

3. Performance of assignments

Qlick commits to performing its advisory services to the best of its knowledge and ability, in accordance with the requirements of professionalism and the ethical guidelines of the International Coach Federation.

Qlick will perform the assignment from a professional and independent position. Qlick will also discuss with the client the manner in which the assignment is to be carried out.

Qlick has a best efforts obligation. Despite performing the assignment to the best of its knowledge and ability, and in line with the requirements of good craftsmanship, Qlick cannot give any guarantees in relation to the results of the assignments they perform.

4. Requirements placed on the client

The client must ensure the punctual provision of all documents and data that Qlick requires to conform to agreements on the execution of the assignment. Furthermore, Qlick must be able to count on the punctual availability of the employees of the client’s organisation. If the client wishes to involve third parties in the performance of the assignment, they are only to do so in agreement with Qlick.

5. Confidentiality

Qlick is required to keep all information and data provided by the client confidential from third parties. In performing the assignment, Qlick will take all measures to ensure the protection of the interests of the client. Similarly, the client will not provide third parties with any information in regards to our approach, working methods and/or documentation unless specifically granted permission to do so by Qlick.

6. Coaching-composition of the team

Should Qlick believe it to be necessary to perform the assignment, it may change the composition of its team after consultation with the client. The change may not reduce the professionalism of the team, nor may it unfavourably influence the continuity of the assignment.

7. Adjustments to the assignment

If circumstances arise that were not foreseen at the start of the assignment, a mutual and harmonious solution will be sought. If necessary in such a case, adjustments may be made to the assignment. Qlick has the right to renounce the assignment if the original agreement for performance becomes significantly difficult or impossible due to the changed circumstances.

8. Tariffs and costs

All normal administrative costs are included in the Qlick tariffs, and in the cost estimations based on these tariffs.

Travel and accommodation costs, course material and large circulation of notes and reports will be taken into account separately. The costs of third parties that Qlick must make for the purpose of the assignment will be charged to the client.

9. Deposit and payment

For in-house assignments a deposit of 50% of the project cost is requested. For individual or team coaching, a deposit of at least five hours will be required at the start of the project trajectory. Further work performed by Qlick will be charged to the client on the basis of time spent and costs incurred. Unless an alternative payment arrangement has been made, Qlick will send an (advance) invoice once per month.Payment is to take place within 14 days of the invoice date. Qlick does not include any interest costs in the fee calculation. If the (advance) declaration is not paid 14 days after the date of maturity, Qlick may charge interest at the legal interest rate as of the date of maturity. If payment does not take place within eight weeks after the date of maturity, Qlick can prematurely terminate the execution of the assignment. All legal as well as extra-legal costs related to the collection of any claims made against the client are to be paid by the client. The extra-legal costs will be deemed to amount to at least 15% of the amount due.

In the event of a jointly issued assignment the principals are jointly liable for the payment of the sum of the declaration, regardless of the way the invoice is addressed.

10. Premature termination of assignments

The assignment can be prematurely terminated if one of the parties is of the opinion that the activities are not (able to be) executed conform to the original proposal and assignment confirmation, and any subsequent written assignment specifications. In that case, a cancellation period of one month will be insisted upon for assignments with a running time of more than two months. This will only be the case when it is clear that the problems recognised cannot be solved. In the event of temporary stops to the assignment, the completed activities up to this point will be compensated as normal.

Neither the client nor Qlick has any claim or right of any nature on the ground of the premature termination of the assignment. In the event that one of the parties falls into a state of bankruptcy, or applies for an official suspension of payment, the other has the right to end the assignment without due observation of a cancellation period.

11. Cancellation of workshops, training courses, seminars

Early cancellation of training activities with open enrolment is possible up to one month before the commencement of the activity, upon payment of €40 in administration costs. With cancellation up to one month before the planned date or with the non-attendance of the participant, the participation costs are to be paid in full. Reserved dates for in-house courses/study days will be charged in full if they are cancelled less than one month prior to the commencement date. Reserved dates for individual or team coaching will be charged in full if they are cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the commencement of the sessions. If coaching sessions are cancelled less than one week in advance, 50% of the costs will be charged. Qlick reserves the right to cancel already planned ‘open’ workshops and the like in the event of insufficient participation. Qlick can change the location and/or the date if necessary. The participant has the right to cancel without incurring any costs if the new date does not suit him/her. In the event of moving/postponement made by the client of a closed training course or an open enrolment, the same specifications and costs apply.

12. Liability

Qlick is only liable for possible damage that is incurred during the execution of the assignment on behalf of the client and that is the direct consequence of a fault made by the coaches. The liability of Qlick is limited to the amount of the fees in the related assignment. Qlick is not liable for any other (resulting) damage, nor for damage suffered by third parties; the client safeguards us from this. The application and the use of any advice given by Qlick is entirely at the client’s risk.

13. Force Majeure

Qlick is released from any liability or obligations in the case of force majeure. These include but are not limited to: technical issues, computer issues, fire accidents, and all situations that may seriously hinder in the execution of the assignment. If any accidents occur due to force majeure and are outside the control of Qlick, Qlick is freed from any obligation or responsibility to pay damages or compensation for as long as the cause and the consequences of the force majeure are existing.

In case of suspension of an assignment due to force majeure, the assignment will continue where possible as soon as the consequence or cause of the non-execution ceases to exist.

14. Intellectual Property

Qlick retains the copyright, the drawing or model rights, or any other intellectual property rights relating to the advice or Qlick products that are given. The client acquires the right to use this property within the part of the organisation to which it relates.

15. Disputes

If a dispute arises between the client and Qlick due to or following the assignment, the parties will attempt to solve this dispute through amicable discussion. For this reason, the possibility of submitting the dispute to an independent body for advice or mediation is also accounted for. If the dispute is not solved, it will be submitted to the competent civil court in Antwerp, Belgium. Belgian law applies to all quotes and on all assignments to the exclusion of any other law.


Orders and purchases via our online shop

16. Withdrawal and Cancellations

The client has the right to cancel an order within 14 calendar days of delivery of goods or signing of an agreed upon service contract. To cancel an order the client must email info@qlick.todaystating clearly and unequivocally that they wish to cancel the order of the product or service.

The client has the right to cancel an order without questions, payment or prosecution.

If the client wishes to cancel the order of a product that has already been delivered, they must return the unopened product in its original packaging, within 14 days of delivery to the stated address. Payment of postage is the responsibility of the client.

Withdrawal and cancellations are notapplicable under the following conditions:

  • If the delivery of services by Qlick has started before the 14 day cancellation period has ended
  • If the product was custom made for the client; made to order purchases, personalised products, products that cannot be resold due to the nature of the product and perishable goods.
  • Audio and video recordings, apps, computer programs, webinars and other such products that cannot be returned due to the nature of the product.

17. Delivery

The risk and responsibility of the product is transferred to the client at the moment of delivery or collection of goods. From that moment on all risk of theft, loss or damage is the sole responsibility of the client.

The ownership of the product is transferred to the client only once the entire cost of the product has been paid for by the client. If the goods are unable to be delivered to the given address then Qlick reserves the right to end the contract and cancel the delivery, under the rights given by the governing law. The client will be contacted in case of cancellation of the agreement.

The delivery times stated on the website are suggestive; not exclusive.

However, all orders purchased are subject to a maximum delivery window of 30 days. The delivery window starts the day following the day on which the order was purchased by the client. In case the goods are not delivered within the maximum allocated time due to errors made by Qlick, then the client has the right to cancel the item without any extra costs and without further explanation. This is only possible if the order(s) have not been sent yet. The client will receive a full refund within 30 days.

18. Prices on the Website

All prices stated on the website are VAT included. Prices do not include possible delivery costs. The calculation of additional costs such as delivery can be found on our website at

19. Complaints

All comments and complaints must be submitted in writing within 7 days after the delivery of goods. If the complaints are found to be justified, the liability of Qlick is limited to repair or exchange of the product.