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Discovery Full Circle

If you’re eager to learn even more about yourself or – as a company – looking for a way to strengthen a feedback culture in your organization, then you’ll find Discovery Full Circle to be an ideal approach. If Insights Discovery© has already been implemented in your company, then you can regard Discovery Full Circle as the icing on the cake!

If you already received your personal Insights Discovery© profile, then you’ve surely discovered how you see yourself and how you present yourself to the world. You’ve also read about possible blind spots or pitfalls, which are often seen more clearly by others. Since your colleagues are not always in the right position or occasion to point them out to you, it sometimes leads to irritation, misunderstandings or other breakdowns in communication.

With your Discovery Full Circle profile in hand, you have the ideal tool to engage in valuable, constructive feedback conversations with your environment. What’s more, you’ll find out what they specifically appreciate in you! A guaranteed boost for your collaboration and teamspirit.

In other words, you will actually discover how others see you. It is very important that feedback is given in a respectful, constructive manner. Therefore, we organize – at your request – preliminary workshops to train the team in giving feedback or dealing with stressful situations. All of it based on Insights Discovery©, so everybody continues using the same ‘colourful’ language.

The report is not merely handed to you. Whether it’s part of a personal trajectory or element of a team training, it will always be introduced and explained by a certified Insights practitioner. It’s also recommended to have some feedback conversations facilitated in a specialized workshop.

Something for you?

You’re eager to find out how others see you and evaluate your collaboration, so you can finetune this.

You find it hard to receive compliments? Discovery Full Circle will help you accept and appreciate what others admire in you.

As manager you want to give your employees the opportunity to speak freely and constructively about how they perceive you and your management style.

Something for your team?

You’ve already introduced Insights Discovery© in your team and are now looking for a way to deepen and enhance the colourful insights.

Your company practices a constructive feedback culture in substitution for the traditional – for some, intimidating – evaluations. With Discovery Full Circle you will launch a valuable 360° feedback circle.


The person receiving feedback, is already in the possession of a personal Insights Discovery© Profile.

Discovery Full Circle can be engaged for 1 person or a complete team.

We gladly design a custom training solution that addresses your business needs and goals.

Location: in our trainingroom the Qlick-blok, or in-company.

More Insights Discovery?

Do you wish to discover more about this model and your own preferences on an individual base? Then the Insights Discovery Profile Review is what you’re looking for. With your ownInsights Discovery© profile, you have a powerful instrument for developing yourself, both personally and professionally.

Eager to gain more insight in the model, even without signing up for a personal profile? Join us in one of our open Insights Discovery Workshops. We offer tailormade workshops for companies and organisations. Also recommended if you wish to refresh your knowledge of the model.

Do you, as a team, wish to discover how Insights Discovery© leads to more powerful communication, connection and effective collaboration, then we gladly organise an Insights Discovery Training for your company or organisation.

Building upon Insights Discovery©, Insights Deeper Discovery will offer you additional and more profound insights in the themes that are prevailing at this point in your life.

Our models can be combined to create a solution for your team or organization to solve a vast range of business problems, including managing change, creating a diverse and inclusive culture, and building successful customer service and sales teams. And these are just a few examples. The application possibilities are endless.