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Changing roles of leadership

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Changing roles of leadership

When we give a training on leadership, we often use the image of geese flying in formation when they travel South. Do you know how they fly in formation? The birds take turns being in the front, falling back when they get tired. In this way, the geese can fly for a long time before they must stop to rest. There is thus not one leader but the geese change leadership position.

Since the start of Qlick, we have been flying in formation (even though it has been a very small V until recently). When it comes to entrepreneurship and action, Chantal flies up front; when it comes to connecting the dots and international strategy it’s me. When it is visual, it is Chantal; when it is auditive, it’s me. When it is about explaining things in a conceptual way, it is me; when it is about communicating in a concise and direct way, it is Chantal.

We take turns and we like it. We believe that if you play to each other’s strengths your company becomes more successful.

As we are expanding our company we are adding more birds to the V. They start flying upfront for specific tasks where it makes sense to take the lead. Think about accounting, logistics, marketing, training activities…

Birds that fly in formation glide more often and reduce energy expenditure. They build their resilience; they rest before they get too tired.

And so we say:

Qlick to fly… in formation.