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Be your own leader - the improvisation workshop

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Be your own leader - the improvisation workshop

The improvisationworkshop

Looking for a light-hearted way to have a serious look at yourself? Do you want to give thorough consideration to certain aspects in your life in a most energizing and playful way? ‘Be your own leader – the improvisationworkshop’ gives you the ideal opportunity to do this!

We’ll dive into the selfcoaching trajectory that ‘Be your own leader’ offers, in a most ludicruous and unorthodox manner. Regardless of background and experience, participants will be challenged to see themselves in a new light through different improvisation exercises. The inner critic will be exposed. The workshop deals with several aspects of selfimage, showing yourself and consciously dealing with your true goals.

Be your own leader – the improvisationworkshop is true to Qlick’s philosophy to approach life with the wonderment of a child, in an open-minded, playful manner.

It’s not required to read the book ‘Be your own leader’ beforehand. No need to have acting experience. We do recommend a love for playing and an eagerness to leave your comfortzone!

Something for you?

You’re an introspective person who loves to reflect on what’s important for you. Perhaps you’ve already been through  a  coachingtraject? Either way, you’re open to discover new perspectives on yourself, your goals and how to get there.

You’re struggling with questions like who am I, what do I really want, what are my strengths? Perhaps the idea of a personal coach is still too far-fetched. You’d rather get yourself gradually acquainted with the coachingworld by following this original workshop.

You’re aware of the importance of self leadership and the impact of this on autonomous teams. You like to invest in personal development in order to grow personally as well as professionally.

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May 8, from 9.30 AM till 12.30 PM

June 1, from 9.30 AM till 12.30 PM

Location: Qlick-block

Something for your team?

You believe in autonomous teams and are aware that self-management is a necessary condition for realizing this.
You like to invest in a tight team for which trust is self-evident or, on the contrary, needs to be restored.
You’re looking for an educational and fun teambuilding activity, perhaps as closing session for a kickoff meeting or a congress.

Location: Qlick-block or in-company

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The improvisationworkshop is given by Qlick-trainer and coach Ruth Aerts.

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More ‘Be your own leader’?

Be inspired by Be your own leader – the book, a practical book with lots of tips and examples, that can act as an incentive to discover more about yourself.

Ready to become a better you?  The Be your own leader – Basic training is designed to help you discover your authentic self and to align your personal and professional goals.

You participated in the workshop or training, or you read the book? Then you’re ready for Be your own leader – the deeper development training.