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Be your own leader - the deeper development training

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Be your own leader - the deeper development training

The deeper development training

You’ve recently finished the book ‘Be your own leader‘ or you participated in the improvisation workshop and you’re eager to find out even more about yourself. Or perhaps you’ve been inspired by the book to support your team members in their quest for personal leadership.

A deeper development training will not only give you more insight, but will also help you see more clearly how to translate goals into concrete results.

Imagine a next networking event during which people typically ask: ‘What do you do?’ After this training you will be able to not only answer that question but to link it to the much more meaningful question: ‘Who are you?’

The training focuses on the development of your personal leadership. It will zoom into the insights and practical tools of the book focused on your personal themes regarding identity, values and beliefs, different roles in life etc. As with most of our trainings, we combine analytical tools with intuitive insights and appeal to all senses. We share our own leadership story to the extent that it may be helpful to inspire yours. We will provide safety and encourage you to leave your comfort zone. At the end of the training you will have found a way to lead your life in a more powerful way. Extra instructions and assignments will aim to have a lasting effect on how you lead your life.

Something for you?

You’ve already taken a first step towards your goal and you’re now looking for a way to understand the themes in the book even better and to translate them into a concrete action plan.

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Something for your team?

You want to support your team members in their quest for personal leadership. You understand that when people know better who they are, they can bring more of this passion into what they do. You’re aware of the fact that autonomous teams require members not afraid to take up responsibilities and wanting to develop personal leadership.  Authentic leading is part of your DNA and you’d like to pass this on to your team. Moreover, you’re convinced that assuming personal responsibility has a direct and positive impact on the company’s results.

This intense and interactive exploration will reveal each participant’s specific added-value for the team and how to maximize this.

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We offer this training tailor-made to your company or organisation.

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More ‘Be your own leader’?

Be inspired by Be your own leader – the book, a practical book with lots of tips and examples, that can act as an incentive to discover more about yourself.

Not such a reader? Or you’ve just finished the book and you’re ready to take action? Our Be your own leader – improvisation workshop is an ideal start from which you will derive 5 actual growtips for yourself.

Ready to become a better you?  The Be your own leader – Basic training is designed to help you discover your authentic self and to align your personal and professional goals.