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Be Your Own Leader – Basic Training

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Be Your Own Leader – Basic Training

The basic training

Do you sometimes reflect on what you do and whether this corresponds with whom you really are? In ‘Be your own leader – Basic training’ we dive into some of the models from the book and guide you in your personal discovery journey towards a more resilient and self-aware you.

We will reflect on simple questions such as: Who am I really? What motivates me? What do I want to achieve? What is important to me?

After this, you will be able to make a clear distinction between main and secondary issues in your life, to prioritize and to  make important decisions. From now on, your actions will be characterized by authenticity and self-awareness.

Something for you?

You’ve finished the book ‘Be your own leader’ and want to map out everything that  personally motivates you in a clear and structured way. Also, that mental ‘anti-virusprogram’ is something you could really use.

If you haven’t read the book, but you are looking for clues to get a firm grip on your life, then we can strongly recommend the ‘Be your own leader – Basic training’.

Something for your team?

How strong is your team when facing several challenges? Who is hiding and who is taking the lead? In the ‘Be your own leader – Basic training’ every team member learns more about own motivation, inspiration and possible pitfalls, enabling him or her to bring his professional actions in line with this.

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More ‘Be your own leader’?

Be inspired by Be your own leader – the book, a practical book with lots of tips and examples, that can act as an incentive to discover more about yourself.

Not such a reader? Or you’ve just finished the book and you’re ready to take action? Our Be your own leader – improvisation workshop is an ideal start from which you will derive 5 actual growtips for yourself.

You participated in the workshop, basic training or you read the book? Then you’re ready for Be your own leader – the deeper development training.