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3D-Leadership Master


Would you also like to fully develop into the type of leader that people want to follow? Our 3D-Leadership Master training  is the way to awaken this person within you. With the five training sessions spaced out across a longer period, you’ll have plenty of time to find a place in your head—and in your life—for all the new information you’re introduced to. You’ll also have personalized points to work on and put into practice. After all the hard work, you’ll receive your Master certificate as a 3D-Leader.

Something for you?

You are an experienced leader, familiar with the 3D-Leadership principles, ready to explore your personal leadership even further. This 3D-Leadership master training will maximize your impact on your company’s mission.

Steady as a rock, you stand your ground in the volatile, turbulent reality and society in which your company has to survive. Still, you may find yourself occasionally overwhelmed by feelings of insecurity and doubt, and therefore searching for new anchors to guarantee stability.

In this 3D-leadership master training you will discover what empowers you and how you can remain authentic when the course is altered.


The ‘3D-Leadership Master’ trajectectory for individuals includes 5 sessions of 2 hours.

We also give this training incompany or for organisations with members who know each other. We will happily work out a training for you, tailored to your team or your company.

Location: at Qlick or in-company

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This series of leadership training courses qualifies for subsidies under the kmo-portefeuille (SME portfolio).

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