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3D-Leadership Basic

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3D-Leadership Basic


The main asset of being a 3D-Leader? You easily adapt to varying situations, no matter what or when. This implies that you react authentically and inspire people,  all stemming from a strong vision. Discover what we exactly mean by this in our pocket ‘The 3D leader’

With your personal 3D-Leader profile in your pocket, you’re ready for a training to become a 100% future-proof, three dimensional leader.

Being a 3D-leader you learn to cope with a volatile world. You acquire skills and techniques to embrace change and to inspire your team towards your greater (higher) goal. You will be able to face situations in which you don’t have all the anwers.

Every organisation is different and leadership is also contextual. We therefore draw up a tailormade 3D-trajectory, in line with your needs or your company’s  demands.

Something for you?

Do you also have the feeling of being stuck by your daily routine? Do you feel the need for new leadershap skills? Then we can absolutely recommend this training. By mapping pitfalls and obstacles and by looking for solutions through new models and systems, upon finishing this trajectory, you will be able to call yourself a true 3D-leader.


The 3D-leadership basic training consists of ten hours, spread over 5 session. Follow-up sessions are possible should you require so.

We also offer this training to companies or organisations with members who know each other. We will happily work out a training for you, tailored to your team or your company.

Location: at Qlick or in-company

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This series of leadership training courses qualifies for subsidies under the kmo-portefeuille (SME portfolio).

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